Fairy Tales

We all have a theory on how we will find love, get married and have kids. But it doesn’t always work out that way. I’ve heard this saying “If you want to hear GOD laugh, just tell him what you have planned.” I’ve heard so many stories of girls planning their weddings since they were kids. I think based on the Disney princesses everyone wants that fairy tale. Who wouldn’t? I would love to be the one that meets my dream man at a ball with my perfect shoes. Or fall in love with a beast and live happily ever after. Or kiss a frog to find my Prince Charming. I feel most kid movies show us the good parts of love, life, and how happy we should be. Although Rapunzel and Belle were kidnapped. The villains in the movies were always banished. The villain never won. So what happens if there isn’t a happily ever after? I feel mostly people either get scared in relationships or they get tired. Tired of the bullshit or scared to give someone their all because they’ve been hurt before. Even scared to get out. When kids are involved I feel all bets are off. I’m going to be happy either if it’s with you or not. I need to be happy for my kid. Your kids feed off of your energy, mood and watch everything you do. They see everything that you do is right so they do it too. They also repeat things you say. I commend so many women getting out of relationship to save themselves and their kids. I am proud that I got out too. I cannot respect anyone that claims they love someone and will hurt them. It may not be intentionally but whatever they did to hurt you or that person. They weren’t thinking about your feelings. At that point I feel all bets are off. There’s no turning back. Some like to act as karma but I like to watch karma smack the shit out of people. Then, later on and sit back with popcorn. In this story I guess you can say the villain wins. You become the villain when the other person gets mad when you just want to be happy. But it’s not what they want. Leaving a relationship because the other person wasn’t loyal is a must for me. But the audacity for the person to not take care of their child is some FUCKERY. For someone to ask you nothing about the child. For them to ask everyone else except the person raising the child, ALONE. Is the definition of a RICHARD. What is the nickname for Richard? You’ll figure it out… Anyway, I cannot respect anyone that basically disowns their child. I cannot make anyone do anything. I damn sure will not make it MY priority to go out my way for YOU either. When you claim to be a “grown ass man”. FOH! I can’t stand men who blame the women when they don’t see their kid. Especially when you don’t put in any effort to try to see the child. It’s actually comical to me. You’re not there because you haven’t made it your priority. You don’t care, so why should I. Why would I want my child around that type of energy. I’m not going to force my child on anyone. I want my child happy as FUCK with no worries. I don’t want my child uncomfortable. Men need to stop blaming the women and STAND THE FUCK UP. Women don’t ask for help because we definitely don’t need your SORRY ass. Plus it’s less to deal with when you’re dealing with an asshole or a cry baby that will throw a fit when they don’t get what they want. Also, you don’t want that to be an example for your child. Your child looks up to you. Leaving relationships and getting yourself happy just makes room for your fairy tale ending. Women should embrace this time they have without the RICHARD. Don’t complain and bash him for what he’s not doing. The child doesn’t know him anyway. So why even bother. Your child cannot miss what they don’t know. Stand up and handle your business and let karma take the wheel on his dumb ass. There is someone for everyone. Being alone gives you the strength to not take anyone’s bullshit ever again. Makes you a STRONGER person. Puts out positive energy into the universe to find that Prince Charming. Or that beast that you’ve dreamed of. Until you find that man that sweeps you off your feet, or he finds you. The man that will love your child as if they were theirs. A man who will make a plan for you to be happy. A man who cares about your mental health… Speak what you want into existence. Put it out in the universe and see what the universe gives back. It may not be right this second but eventually it will happen. Even if it’s something small like I want to be more happy with myself. You have to do the work with yourself first. Don’t settle for NO FUCK SHIT!

(Mary J. Blige – “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”.)

(Mary J. Blige – “Be Happy”.)

(Queen Naija – “Karma”.)

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